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Certificates of Deposit


For Months or Years, Just Three Letters: R CD

Nothing quite matches Certificates of Deposit for an impressive interest rate, FDIC-insured safety up to the guaranteed amount, and terms that can be tailored to exactly match your time horizon.

  • Returns. Interest on your CD is paid at a higher rate than any other FDIC-insured account with such a reasonable minimum to open. CDs are guaranteed to return your principal, plus interest*, regardless of the term.
  • Reserves. Over time, CDs work well as a store of reserves for your business. Your R Banker will help you choose terms and rates that grow your money prudently yet powerfully.
  • Rotation. By choosing different terms and maturity dates you can lock-in high interest rates and still have a regular pattern of available funds rotating in to allow for smooth business operations.

Your R Banker will help you tailor your CD to your needs to ensure you enjoy its full term and avoid any interest penalty for early surrender, so that you get all that your R Bank CD offers.

*Certificates of Deposit are FDIC guaranteed up to the maximum allowed by the FDIC. Penalty may apply for early withdrawal of funds prior to maturity.

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