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Merchant Services


Take Charge of Payment Processing

R Bank Merchant Services put you in control of your customer payment processing system, allowing you to handle traditional forms of payment, as well as leading technology, with ease.

  • Cards. Our card acceptance service allows you to receive payment from credit or debit cards issued by VISAŽ or, MasterCardŽ. Issue your own customer-loyalty or gift cards, too, to increase existing business and attract new customers.
  • Checks. Reduce greatly the risk of returned checks by using our instant check verification services, or go farther by adding point-of-sale check conversion to ACH transaction.
  • Online. The power of the internet gives you control of your R Bank Business account with the option of internet payment processing and electronic funds transfer, and online banking to monitor and manage your services.

With R Bank as your merchant partner, your customer payment relationships can grow and yet become less risky and more reliable. R Bank wants your customer relationships to be as flexible and powerful as your relationship with your own R Banker.

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