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Home Equity Loans


Home Is Where the Loan Is

Everyone wants a place to call home. R Bank wants you to know your home can be the place to find a loan, too, through Home Equity Loans that tap your equity at reasonable rates and payments.

  • Prudent. A Home Equity Loan allows Texas residents to make use of up to 80% of the value of your home, less mortgage and any other lien. The loan is secured and leaves a cushion of equity in place to address market fluctuations.
  • Dependable. You can count on the low, fixed rate of your home equity loan, with payments that do not change for the full term of the loan.
  • Deductible. Your interest may even be tax-deductible, in certain cases. (Consult your tax professional.) When combined with the low loan interest rate, the tax benefit makes home equity one efficient way to borrow money.

Like buying a home, getting a Home Equity Loan is not a step to take lightly. That's why your R Banker will ask important questions to make sure this loan is right for you. Then we will help you expertly through the approval process.

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