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Certificates of Deposit


With Time Comes Great Rates

An R Bank Certificate of Deposit combines great rates and terms to complement any savings and investment program. Plus, our Advantage customers can get even higher rates with select CDs.

  • Returns. Whether your principal is large or small, or your term is short or long, an R Bank CD promises attractive interest rates and high overall returns. You get unlimited deposits and withdrawals at maturity and during the grace period, too.
  • Collateral. Use your R Bank CD as collateral for your next loan.
  • Guarantee. R Bank CD interest rates come with a guarantee and FDIC insurance, up to the maximum allowed by law. That piece of mind surpasses the risk inherent in any stock, bond, or mutual fund.

R Bank is committed to helping you structure a portfolio of CDs to respond to your future needs and dreams. Find out how you can guarantee impressive financial returns.

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