Personal Savings Accounts

There is no time like the present to start saving for your future.

R Bank can help make that future brighter with a variety of savings accounts designed to save you time and meet your financial goals - now and in the years to come.

Personal Savings Solutions* Minimum Opening Deposit Monthly Daily Balance Monthly Service Charge** Interest Paid
Personal Savings $200 $200 $3 Yes
Kids Savers Club Savings $200 $0.01 $3 Yes
Personal Money Market $200 $2,000 $10 Yes
Premium Money Market $2,500 $5,000 $15 Yes

*Savings and Money Market accounts are limited transaction accounts. You may make six (6) withdrawal transactions per statement cycle. Additional transactions (including ACH items and transfers) over six (6) are charged an excessive withdrawal fee. See Deposit Account Agreement for all terms and conditions of these accounts.

**Monthly service charge if balance falls below minimum daily balance on any day of the statement cycle.

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  • Personal Savings

    Save for any future purpose with R Bank's basic Savings account, which makes saving easy and convenient. Ask about our free savings accounts for children and students!

    • Save. With an initial deposit, your Savings account begins earning interest for you immediately.
    • Build. Make unlimited deposits, and watch as R Bank's interest paid quarterly on your daily balances grows and grows.
    • Enjoy. Track and use your savings easily with free Online Banking, your R Bank ATM card for access through Pulse® and Cirrus® ATMs, and Telephone Banking, our 24-hour telephone banking system.

    We believe a Savings account can be simple yet not simplistic. Save for tomorrow with the advantages of today's technology for access and control.

  • Kids Savers Club Savings

    An account perfectly designed to make coming to the bank a fun experience while teaching young savers how to achieve their financial goals today and into adulthood! 

    • Save. With an initial deposit, your Kids Savers Club Savings account begins to earn interest immediately.  Balance requirements are waived for minor children until the minor reaches his/her 22nd birthday. 
    • Prizes. Receive a prize at time of account opening and an R Bank Kid T-Shirt!  Your part of an exclusive club now!
  • Personal Money Market

    R Bank's Money Market account introduces escalating tiered interest rates that rise with your daily balance while you maintain access to your account funds at any time.

    • Upgrade. Savings just got better with higher interest rates and still no maintenance fee, if you maintain a reasonable daily balance. Your money grows faster than a regular Savings deposit.
    • Tiered Growth. As your balance reaches each pre-defined tier, the interest rate that R Bank pays steps up, too. With unlimited deposits, you can build your balance as quickly as you want.
    • Easy Access. When you wish to use some of your growing balance, just decide how: your R Bank Cash & Check MasterCard®, free Online Banking, Telephone Banking, our 24-hour telephone banking system, or withdrawals-up to six each statement cycle at no charge, three of which may be third-party items.
  • Premium Money Market

    Our Premium Money Market account combines the liquidity of a checking account with the earning power of premium rates. The more you keep in the account, the more you earn! 

    • Superior. Our highest money market interest rates are yours without compromise on access, ensuring that your higher balances earn you the premium you deserve yet remain ready to use.
    • Graduated. Pre-defined tiers deliver progressively higher interest rates as your balance grows. Add funds as quickly as you want with unlimited deposits.
    • Convenient. Monitor and manage your account with free Online Banking or Telephone Banking, R Bank's 24-hour telephone banking system. Transactions are limited to six withdrawals each statement cycle at no charge, three of which may be third-party items.

    With FDIC insurance, up to the maximum amount allowed by law, your growing account is safe and sound. Ask your R Banker today for more details about this exceptional account.